Uri Geller: Magician or Mystic? by Jonathan Margolis

Uri Geller: Magician or Mystic? by Jonathan Margolis

Author:Jonathan Margolis [Margolis, Jonathan]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Apostrophe Books
Published: 2013-12-13T00:00:00+00:00



‘These are the names of the men which Moses sent to spy out the land.’

(Numbers, xiii, 16)

One day, Geller was having lunch in the SRI canteen with Russell Targ and Edgar Mitchell. They had been talking about Mitchell’s epic walk across the Fra Mauro region of the Moon the previous year, when Mitchell mentioned the expensive Hasselblad camera he had left up there. Geller, as ever with an eye on the main publicity chance, hatched the idea of trying to bring the Hasselblad back to Earth by some method of teleportation. Whereas the camera has not yet returned, the idea, incidentally, has - to haunt Geller for having dreamed it up. Saying he was going to beam a large and unique camera down from the Fra Mauro region of the Moon is one of the claims which sceptics have joyously seized on. However, within minutes right there in the canteen, some very strange teleportation effects did appear to manifest in the presence of Targ and Mitchell.

Geller, who at the time was still a big, omnivorous eater (today he is a whippet-thin vegan), had ordered two desserts, the second of which was vanilla ice cream. In the first spoonful, he bit hard on something metallic. He spat it out to find a tiny arrowhead, which Mitchell looked at and said, ‘My God, that looks familiar.’ Annoyed, Geller had meanwhile called over the waitress and suggested the canteen warn its supplier about foreign bodies in their product. She asked him if she could take the offending item away; he refused, thinking he would need it for claiming compensation if his tooth turned out to be broken. Back in the laboratory, the three were talking when they saw another small piece of metal fall to the carpet. They picked it up, to see that together, the two pieces which had appeared made up a tiepin. Mitchell, according to Geller and Targ, looked shocked; he now realised why the first part had been familiar. It was a tiepin he had lost several years before.

Russell Targ still lives close to the SRI, and has recently retired as a senior staff scientist at Lockheed Martin, the aerospace corporation, where he was a leading light for 12 years in developing a new laser-based air safety system, only announced in 1998 and called Lidar. Lidar is a form of radar which detects clear air turbulence up to 10 km ahead of an aircraft. The system may well be fitted to commercial aircraft in the near future. Targ, a rather magisterial, imposingly intellectual fellow who today resembles an older Art Garfunkel, but with a deep, bass voice, is so proud of his anti-turbulence device that he has the license plate LIDAR 1 on his motorcycle.

Although the more mystically-inclined of the SRI Two, Targ is the more reluctant to attribute too much to Uri Geller. We met in Beverly Hills, where he was on a tour promoting a fine new book he has co-authored called Miracles of Mind, which explores ‘nonlocal consciousness and spiritual healing’.


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